Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Need help earning online? – Ask grandma!

Sometimes you need a little help to get your online enterprise going – but sometimes help comes from the most unexpected people. Learn how your grandma can help you with your online revenue.

Many people face difficulties when starting an online business, but for those who keep struggling, the upside is enormous. One of the most common problems is how to get started – Everyone knows it takes money to earn money. But how do you get the ball rolling?

If you have a good idea – perhaps you even have a nice site already – but you can’t get the visitors you need, nor afford to buy traffic – it is time to get some help and inspiration. The best way is to get help from an experienced affiliate entrepreneur, but how many of us actually know someone fitting that description?

Everywhere you go, you are told articles are the best way to promote your site, but it’s not always that easy to get started. Writing long articles about the topic of your site might be tough, or the topic might be hard to produce multiple articles about. What you need is a new topic, an easy one – Why not call your grandma?

Recipes are perhaps the easiest texts, accepted as articles, making them excellent as a start. Build a small recipe site, and start filling it with recipes from various article sources. Within a very short amount of time, you should have a simple – yet useful – website, filled with recipes.

Now, it’s time to get granny to work: Ask her for all her family recipes, if you can have her write them down and email them to you, she’s actually doing more than her share of the work – All you need to do is format them correctly and submit them. While you wait for her to come up with all her specialties, why not consider writing down your favorite recipes yourself? If you don’t know them by heart, look them up and alter them to your tasting. This is an easy way to get a few inbound links to your newly made website.

But how does this do any good to your existing – non cooking – website?

If you target your keywords correctly, you might stand a chance of actually making a little revenue from this simple site. While the sites about cooking and recipes are many, so are the keywords – Look at all the different ingredients, strange names of dishes etc. etc. You should have no problem finding a keyword to target. It might not be an avalanche of visitors, but with the correct affiliate program – or contextual advertising for the lazy – you can make some revenue from it.

Another excellent side effect from the endless keyword variations is the ability to point somewhat relevant links to various pages. If you find yourself with a recipe site no one visits, you can instead make use of the various ingredients, linking it to your main site – the one you where struggling with. This does take some imagination, to translate ingredients into non-cooking topics, but it can be done. If you continue to submit recipes, this site will eventually have a very high page rank, making the links from it rise in value. Even if the links are non-related, a little deep linking won’t hurt.

Now – the only thing to consider is:

How much do you pay grandma?

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