Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Online dating – A lucrative business for affiliate marketers

If you are using online dating sites to meet new people, you could easily make quite a bit of money using the information gathered. Making a blog – or website – about dating, is one of the most lucrative niches available for an affiliate marketer. Use your knowledge.

Most people who are using the Internet to meet new people know have much information about the dating industry. This information is useful for pretty much anyone curious of meeting someone online, but without any experience.

Just as in other competitive niches, most keywords are very hard to target, simply because of the many sites targeting the same words and phrases. But, similarly, the variations of search terms are many, making it more than possible to make a small profitable blog or site about dating.

If you - like most online daters – have tried multiple communities and dating portals, you have a great chance of reviewing them, grading them and give detailed information about all dating sites you have tried. Even though this is not nearly the potential of a dating site, it can be sufficient for making quite a bit of money.

In order to utilize your knowledge, you need to map out your site or blog, trying to figure out what sections to cover, and what keywords to target for each section. Using a keyword tool – such as Overture or similar – will make this a very easy task. Some of these tools can be bought for a short amount of time, making it very cost efficient if you are only researching for a few search terms.

One important thing to consider before actually building your site is NOT to limit your website. If you are successful in targeting the right phrases, and traffic are flooding, an easy-to-expand website will be a lifesaver. Once you get the ball rolling, you do not want to spend more time re-building your site’s structure just because you didn’t think things thru before you launched it. The task of re-building something often takes even longer than the initial work building it.

The dating sites you are familiar with probably offers affiliate programs, most of them do. But if you can’t seem to find programs good enough, try a few other dating sites out. When looking for dating sites to promote, you should look at both the quality of the affiliate program and – of course – the over all quality of the sites. As usual, sending visitors to any affiliate program with overpriced products won’t do you any good, try to find a dating community you, your self, would consider.

After building your site, adding the affiliate banners and links, it’s time to promote it. This is no easy task, but with a little imagination it should pose little or no problem. As this is a very lucrative and competitive niche, finding sites of similar nature to exchange relevant links with, should be easy. Be sure not to place links to direct competitors on important pages, as this might send potential commission elsewhere.

The nature of online communities – dating or other – makes most people used to writing fairly much text. This is a great advantage both when you build your site and when you are trying to promote it. There is nothing as effective as the written word when promoting websites. Very few websites will get big relying only on word of mouth. Use your writing skills to make an interesting site, on target reviews and – more important – to write articles and/or press releases appealing to potential visitors.

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